03 March 2015

I love discipline

My hussy stayed with me during the half term break (you may remember that she is a teacher).  I emailed her a set of specific instructions to follow whilst I would be a work during the week.  They weren’t major things but were time orientated.  It included things like making sure I had a cup of tea when I returned home, having a half hour of servitude each evening from 11pm which included a daily foot massage.  Because I share my home with my best friend, I was able to check whether she kept to the instructions I set for her.  Which meant that I could keep a tally as each day passed.

As I said before, my hussy has a problem with time keeping.  I don’t know why because when she’s working, she’s fine.  Take her away from that and things seem to go wrong.  She was expected to be up, dressed and ready to help my best friend by 10.30am each day except the first morning after her arrival.  Because of the long drive I allowed her to have a lie in.  By the weekend she had been late for a total of 24 minutes plus she was 7 minutes late starting our half hour of servitude for one evening.  Her excuse was that she wasn’t wearing her watch.  A poor excuse considering there was a clock in the living room and she had her iPad with her to check.

So when we had our session on the Saturday, my hussy was destined for discipline.  Now I admit that I am a lover of discipline.  It really get my pussy juices flowing.  Just the thought of my hussy bent over my lap or chair waiting for a spanking is delicious.  When I sternly informed my hussy of her lack of timekeeping she seemed puzzled and unaware of her lateness.  I was especially annoyed at the excuse she had given me on the Wednesday night.  Not having a watch was not a suitable excuse.  I chastised her just as she would one of her pupils.  She was suitably shame faced.  I enjoy the fact that I am able to turn the tables on her; a teacher being admonished and punished by her Mistress.

Settled across my lap, P’s ample buttocks were set for punishment.  I always start with hand spanking to warm up the skin and I did this through her panties initially.  Then I roughly pulled her panties down to her knees and started to spank her properly onto bare skin.  I treat each buttock equally and soon rosy cheeks were appearing.  After a bout of spanking I would pause and wait for my hussy to say “thank you my Lady”.  I switched from hand to hairbrush.  A favourite of mine.  It’s a wide wooden paddle hairbrush with plastic bristles.  The sound of wood on skin is delicious and soon the rosy cheeks were glowing red.  I didn’t have a set figure in mind, instead I gauged how long by listening to the way my hussy spoke after each bout of spanking.  I knew it was hurting but this was punishment.  It had to hurt.

Occasionally I would drag the bristles over the tender skin making her jump across my lap.  I didn’t hurry.  I took my time.  I made sure my hussy knew she was being punished.  When I felt she had taken enough, I told her to stand.  I admonished her again and then sent her to her naughty spot in the corner.  She had to face the corner with her hands behind her, still with her panties around her knees so she could show off her red bottom.  I told her to remain there until I felt she was worthy to return to my side.

In reality my hussy stood there for 7 minutes though I can only guess how long she felt it was.  When the time was up, I bade her to come to my side and kneel down.  She did so and kissed my outstretched hand.  I informed her that the slate was now clean again.  It’s one of my rules – once punished nothing more is said.  It’s a lesson learned.  Hopefully.  Otherwise I will meet out the discipline until it is.

28 February 2015

Good news!

It seems that Google have had a change of heart concerning their recent announcement.  I have found the following statement on their Blogger Forum:

"Hello everyone, 

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We’ve had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.  

Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.

Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.

Thank you for your continued feedback.  

The Blogger Team"

So there you go.  I can now safely put my photos back and continue to post them too.  I am one very happy Lady now that someone has seen sense.

24 February 2015

Blogger changes

This is just a quick post to let you all know that Blogger will be changing some of its T&C's namely relating to sexually explicit photos, images and videos.  Unless they are for educational or scientific purposes, any blog that contains such images will be classed as "private".  This means you won't be able to read them as they will no longer be classed as public.  The only way to comply is to remove these images before the deadline set during March 2015.  I received an email warning of this as my blog is deemed to contain such images.

I don't post many photos on my blog so it's been easy for me to remove them and slightly amend any postings that refer to a photo so it doesn't read oddly.  I don't know if this image policy extends to my profile photo so I may have to change this to something less provocative (against my better wishes).  Hopefully I have now satisfied the new T&C's and won't find my blog suddenly blocked to everyone except myself.

Obviously this will affect lots of blogs that, like mine, are an intrinsic part of the BDSM world.  I do understand why Blogger is bringing about this change, however it does feel like censorship.  But that's a whole other debate that I don't want to get into right now.  My main priority is to maintain the blog and keep it in the public domain so all my followers can read it without prejudice.

So I hope that despite this, you will continue to support this blog and the many others here.  As without you, our readers, there wouldn't be much reason to post!

Lady X

13 February 2015

The alternative Valentine

Tomorrow is St Valentine's Day when, if so inclined, one sends a card to their loved one to profess their undying love.  At school, kids may send the quintessential anonymous card to a girl or boy that they fancy.  My hussy and I exchange Valentine cards and mine is waiting here on the shelf in a bright red envelope.  Hers is sitting on her shelf awaiting the same fate tomorrow morning.  For personal reasons, we won't be together tomorrow though she will be travelling across the country on Monday to stay with me next week.

What I wanted to share was an alternative Valentine known here in my particular county as "Jack".  He is also known as "Old Father Valentine" or "Old Mother Valentine".  In Victorian times, the county's lovers went to great lengths to anonymously swap parcels on February 13. Back then more money was often spent on valentine’s gifts than Christmas presents.  It was customary to send a gift to your sweetheart. In other parts of Britain, a solitary love letter or card would do.  Across the county, Valentine’s Eve was as eagerly anticipated as Christmas Eve and it was very good humoured. People would fill a bag with love tokens to give away. They would bump into friends in the street and share jokes along the way. When they arrived at the home of their lover, they would knock on the door, leave a present and run off before they were seen.  Hopefully, the valentine would be out and you would return home to find your own doorstep covered with parcels.

Jack Valentine can metamorphose into Old Father Valentine, or Old Mother Valentine, knocking on the door and leaving presents on the step to be collected by the expectant child. In a cruel variation on the theme, another and somewhat darker character appears at times, Snatch Valentine.  There is a knock at the door; child opens door; a package sits on the step; child reaches for it and the string attached to it is yanked hard.  The present disappears behind whatever cover is to hand. This continues several times, and the child, who has been warned of dire consequences if he or she should follow the present, becomes more and more agitated, until finally the string is not pulled, and the present sits safely in the youngster's hands.

In the 1800s, children would set out before dawn to sing rhymes in exchange for sweets, cakes and pennies. One favourite local verse was:
Good morrow, Valentine,
God bless the baker,
You'll be the giver,
And I'll be the taker.

Once it was light, their requests could be turned down because they were said to be sunburnt.

So however you choose to celebrate St Valentine's Day, I wish you a day to remember.  And maybe you might just get a knock at the door...

04 February 2015

Testing times...

Since our reunion at New Year, I have restarted the setting of tasks.  I found that this was important for when we’re apart.  It helps to reinforce my status as dominant over my hussy.  So I decided that I needed to impose them again.  They’re not always difficult, in fact most are quite simple.  They’re merely a way of connecting to each other across the miles.  I trust her to do them and I trust that she will be honest with me if she can’t fulfil them for some reason.  If she fails or something goes wrong and there either isn’t a valid reason or she tries to hide it, then I ensure she is punished.  Initially the punishment is something I can make her do via a chat on Skype, so the real punishment awaits her when we’re next together.

The first task I set was very simple.  She often does her food shop on a Saturday with one of her friends.  I text an instruction for her to remove her underwear in the supermarket toilet (or rest room for our American cousins), redress and then complete her shopping.  In the past, my hussy has felt very connected to me as her pussy is rubbing in her jeans reminding her of my dominance.  And so the same happened again on this occasion though she felt a little embarrassed as she was doing this while shopping with a friend (who has no idea about this side of her life).  There was also a second part to this.  My hussy had to purchase a new razor, waxing strips and shaving foam for one specific use – her pussy.  But another set of instructions would link to this later.
I instructed my hussy to email me about her shopping trip and how it felt.  This is a snippet of that email “I had forgotten what jeans felt like without underwear.  The fabric is a little rough and the seams are always thicker so can be felt more as they rub against you, feeling lightly arousing.  I felt guilty using the trip with L in this way.  For the next hour of our food shop, every step reminded me of You, which was exciting.  I had to be careful at the checkouts that no one could see my panties in my handbag, there wasn't anywhere to hide them and being pale grey, they weren't blending in.”
Another week, I set my hussy a project to research the different types of pussy styles and present them to me complete with pictures or images showing the different styles.  She could tell me what her two preferred styles were but I would have the final say in the matter.  My hussy had a deadline to meet (something she has traditionally had problems with in the past).  I was pleased that her project arrived before the deadline complete with pictures.  Her preferences were for the Landing Strip aka Brazilian and Short Cut.
Last week I emailed my hussy with my decision about what her pussy will look like.  I have decided on the Landing Strip as I felt it looks neat (which my hussy also liked) and was relatively easy to maintain.  My hussy has 2 weeks to perfect the style so when she visits later this month, I can inspect her and smile.
Setting the tasks helps to keep the connection between us and acts as a reminder to my hussy of who her Lady is.  Tasks don’t have to be difficult.  In fact the simple ones are often the hardest to get right.  I admit I am finicky.  I like things just so.  I set out my instructions clearly so (hopefully) there won’t be any chance of misinterpreting them.  Yes, there is a certain element of trust especially if you set the task “wear your butt plug for one hour a day” as sending proof might be difficult.  But that trust has developed over time and I trust that my hussy will do what I ask and if there are any problems, she will tell me immediately.

I am now looking forward to my first inspection of my delicious hussy and her new landing strip…

25 January 2015

Nothing butt...

Our first proper session happened on 3rd January 2015, an appropriate way to start the New Year.  I didn’t expect my hussy to be as prepared as she normally would, simply because this wasn’t something that had been planned or discussed in advance.  That didn’t concern me, though it might have worried her.  I set the time for our session in the late afternoon to allow my hussy time to freshen up and mentally adjust to being back in the zone.

I donned my “uniform” black spotted tunic dress, black satin knickers, black lace top holdups and high heels.  I picked up my fan and waited for the signal my hussy was ready to enter my boudoir.  There was a heightened sense of anticipation as I waited.  I was determined not to repeat my past mistakes and put pressure on myself to “perform”.  I wanted it to be about reconnecting.

My hussy entered after knocking and settled in her familiar position, kneeling at my feet.  I let her kneel in silence for a while just to get used to being in my presence again.  I admit that my heart was beating fast and I had to calm and centre myself mentally before starting.  Even dominants have nerves.

I spoke with my hussy for a few minutes just to settle things for both of us.  I knew she would be excited and nervous with adrenalin building.  I stroked her hair and I felt her lean into my hand.  This is where she wanted to be.  I allowed her to kneel beside me and rest her head on my lap.  I felt her sigh and become calm.

First I made her stand and remove her outer clothing so she was standing in her underwear.  She had changed into pretty bra & panty set which pleased me.  I then inspected her as was my right.  Walking around her, creating tension and a frisson of excitement.  I yanked my hussy’s long hair, twisting the strands around my fingers, pulling her face up to mine.  I whispered in her ear, told her who owned her.  Then I pulled the bra cups down to expose her ripe, pale breasts so I could indulge in one of my favourite pastimes.  Nipple clamps.  Mine are purple with bells on the end.  I caressed and teased her breasts first, heightening her senses before applying the clamps.  She breathed in deep as the prongs made themselves felt upon her skin.  Then I took my flogger and flayed her breasts.  I enjoy hearing the bells jingle as her breasts move and jolt to the flogger.  Sometimes the flogger tails got caught in the clamps tugging at her nipples which caused my hussy to mew at the pain.  Her skin became red from the swipe of the flogger.  Again I teased her with words, telling her about Clover clamps and what I could do with them.  It seemed to have the desired effect.

I then made her bend over.  She placed her hands on the bed to steady herself.  I yanked her panties down exposing her beautiful, round bottom.  It was pale and pristine, waiting my ministrations.  I set to work on her plump bottom, hitting her sharply with the flogger.  I love to spank.  I love the thrill it gives me and that I have taught my hussy to love it too.  It arouses her, the heady mixture of pleasure and pain.  And I love doing it.

I swiped the flogger across her pale skin.  Hard and fast, softer and slower.  Dragged the tassels across her sore skin so my hussy inhaled deeply through her nose.  She was mine to do as I pleased.  I slapped her arse with my hand, sound hand smacks that echoed through my boudoir.  Added to this, her breasts hung down with the nipple clamps still attached.  My hussy had more than one pain centre vying for her attention.  I used my riding crop too but most of all, I dragged my fingers across her sore skin to bring pleasure to the pain.  I also rubbed my body against her bottom, pushing the fabric against her.  I heard my hussy gasp at the contact.

I ordered her to stand, remove her underwear and lie on the bed.  Now it was time for some serious work.  I bound her wrists to the bed with my restraints and then blindfolded her with an eye mask.  She was now helpless.  I spent time flogging her body concentrating on her pussy.  Pussy smacking with bare hands is so much fun.  And with my hussy blind to my actions, every touch of my hand or flogger on her body was a surprise.  I swapped the flogger for my riding crop which I flicked across her body, whipping it across her nipples still squashed in the clamps.  Then smacked her pussy sharply with the crop.  I smiled with contentment.  When I was satisfied I’d warmed her up, I turned my attentions elsewhere.

I spread my hussy’s legs wide, knees up exposing her most intimate part to me.  I would relish this moment immensely.  She was already wet, not soaked just musky and aroused.  First I snapped on a pair of latex gloves.  My hussy flinched at the sound and her breath became heavy.  Just the sound is enough to alert her to my intentions.  I picked up my hussy’s toy box and took out the first toy.  Her silver jewelled butt plug.  It had been a long time since I had indulged in anal play.  I always use lube but the cold metal made my hussy gasp with surprise as I pressed it against her anus.  It didn’t take long for her anus to swallow it.  It’s a wondrous thing when it happens.  I was also delighted that her body seemed quite happy to get back into the groove again.  I twisted and moved it around, causing my hussy to moan out loud.  I smiled knowing I was working my magic.  In between I would just gaze at the pink jewel nestled between her butt cheeks.  A wondrous sight.

After a few minutes I removed it and changed it over to the medium rubber butt plug which my hussy felt it keenly.  But it wasn’t long before she was moaning as I pushed and pulled and twisted the plug from inside her.  I often pulled it out to its widest part and held it there to stretch her rim.  Finally I swapped it for a medium sized penis ribbed butt plug.  It’s naturally curved and remains in place, even if standing up and walking around.  My hussy gasped as I inserted it.  She felt this one even more keenly because of its shape, size and contours.  And I wanted to her to feel it, know who was doing it to her and want it to happen.

By then my own pussy was screaming at me.  I was wet beyond belief and I could smell my own arousal.  I had promised my hussy that if she was a good girl, she would get her reward.  Considering how long she hadn’t done anal play, her body had responded better than expected.  I removed the plug and set all the used items aside ready for my hussy to clean them afterwards.  I removed my latex gloves with very audible snaps.  Then I released my hussy from her bonds and slowly removed the blindfold.  As her eyes adjust to the low light, I removed the nipple clamps.  The rush of blood was immense as she mewed and tried to ignore the onslaught on her senses.  I rubbed her nipples hard to encourage blood flow which is bitter sweet as the heat helps but the increased blood flow doesn’t.  It was then that I ordered her to move off the bed and wait.

I stood up and removed my dress, took off my shoes and finally my wet satin knickers.  My hussy kept her eyes firmly locked onto the carpet.  Wearing only my holdups, I lay down on the bed.  “Now it’s time for your reward hussy” I whispered.  My hussy walked around the bed so she could ease up beside me.  I pointed to where she could start.  Diligently she set to work on my breasts, worshipping them with her lips, tongue and fingers.   I was soon writhing on the bed.  I was a coiled spring just about ready to break but I wanted to enjoy this, make it last as long as I could and give my hussy her just reward.

Gradually, my hussy worked her way down my body until she reached my stomach.  Then she paused, waiting for permission.  I eased up the bed slightly and spread my legs apart.  I nodded to her and my hussy lowered her eyes in deference.  I was allowing her the ultimate honour of worshipping my pussy.  My hussy settled down between my thighs and I rested on my legs over her shoulder.  That first touch from her tongue was electrifying.  I was soon lost in a wave of sensations as my pussy was eaten.  I laced my fingers into my hussy’s long hair, moving her head to my satisfaction.  I bade her to slow down so that I didn’t come too soon.

However that’s easier said than done.  My hussy’s ministrations are excellent and I couldn’t hold out any longer.  When I orgasm, I am very vocal.  My body was taken over by one orgasm after another.  My hussy kept going, almost having to follow me up the bed as I writhed and arched my back in ecstasy.  She doesn’t stop doing something until I tell her otherwise.  I was so lost in my orgasms that I didn’t tell her to stop, or couldn’t.  I don’t remember how many orgasms I had.  I vaguely remember at least three of them.  After that it was a bit of a blur.  I reached a point where my body and pussy couldn’t take any more.  I moved my body and bade my hussy to stop.

I lay on the bed panting heavily.  I had to catch my breath, settle down.  Adrenalin flooded my body causing me to shake hard.  Sometimes it gets so bad I lose control and sob.  I wanted to maintain my demeanour so I closed my eyes and rode the crest of the adrenalin wave.  It took a little while.  My hussy waited patiently kneeling on the bed at my side, eyes cast down.  When I felt able, I turned to her and simply held out my arms to her.  Silently my hussy lay down beside me and snuggled into my waiting arms.  We lay together for a while, her head resting on my breast.  I lay content in the wondrous post orgasmic glow, holding my cherished hussy and felt at peace.  I turned to my hussy and kissed her forehead.  I thanked her for her service.  She thanked me for coming back to her.  I smiled.

We rested for a while before getting up.  I kissed her passionately, not just as my sub but as my lover.  Before ending our scene, I ordered her to clean the toys and pack them away.  I lifted my hand and my hussy dropped to her knees to kiss it.  This was the formal ending of our scene, our signal that all was well.  Together we made the bed respectable and we both redressed.  I put back on my normal clothes as my hussy went to the bathroom to tidy up.  I packed away my toys and knew that this was the start of another chapter of our journey together.  My pussy continued to throb between my legs as I smiled again.  It felt good.

15 January 2015

The Lady is back part deux...

I lay out my instruments on my bed prior to our session.  Most have been my staple since our first session almost 6 years ago.  Slowly I have added to the collection but I don’t have a vast array of play toys.  My hussy has her own play box which she looks after.  Her box houses the array of anal sex toys that I use and abuse.  But my toys probably hold the most respect for my hussy, especially the ones that I have used in nearly every session.

I suspect that the one thing she has most respect for is the nipple clamps - lovely purple ones with bells on the end.  My hussy had a fear her nipples would not respond after having a breast reduction operation several years ago.  Sometimes this kind of surgery reduces sensation.  I was able to prove her surgeon wrong.  Her nipples are very responsive and she loves and fears the nipple clamps equally.  I love to see them jingle and jangle on her nipples.  When I flog her lovely breasts she is enveloped with the bitter sweet pain of the flogger and nipple clamps tugging at her breasts.  I can (and have) played with them for a long time.  Longer than she ever imagined possible.

The rubber flogger and leather riding crop came later but are part of my trademark.  I use the riding crop to torture and tease as I please.  I only need to flick my wrist and the sting on skin is evident.  The fan has been with me since day 1.  It is the first thing my hussy sees as I sit with it across my face, hand extended to be kissed in reverence.  I also use it to tease and tickle.  As my hussy is incredibly ticklish, I have to make sure she’s tortured accordingly…
Similarly the eye mask has been used since day 1.  An incredibly simple article that affords the loss of one sense, making others heightened.  One should never underestimate the power of a blindfold.  The element of surprise is always on your side.  I love the way my hussy gasps and writhes when the unexpected touch or smack ignites her skin and her senses.  It could be something gentle and soft or harsh and stinging.  It’s a powerful aspect of play.
The hairbrush is a more recent addition.  I love to corrupt everyday objects such as wooden spoons, brushes, ruler or wooden coat hanger.  The multi use of the hairbrush is admired and feared.  That wonderful sound as it hits the skin reddening my hussy’s ample bottom is music to my ears.  Then I simply turn it over and drag the bristles across the sore skin to even greater affect.  Pleasure and pain in one.  I have used it to punish.  The wide wooden paddle is a keen punisher.  The bristles equally brutal.  My hussy knows when she’s been punished by it.
The bondage tape is also a later addition.  I have used it but still prefer the old fashioned way of tying up or using my other restraints.  I have a set of 4 bed restraints in the photo so I can bind wrists or ankles or all of them.  A lovely image to behold as my hussy is spread-eagled on the bed, ready for my whims.

So, just my basis play toys.  My instruments that inflict pleasure and pain at my hands, as I want, when I want.  I am the one who holds them and wields them.  I respect what they can do and they command respect from my hussy.  But most of all, my hussy respects the one who holds them in her hands.